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Fourteen years of working in highly competitive international corporations taught me a lot about relationships, politics, and the "natural order" of things. There's no one way to the top of a respective field but there are tactics that many people employ to build trust and to make sure their hard work doesn't go unnoticed. How to Wine With Your Boss teaches you about positioning, tact, and how to tool your passions. Get your copy today!

You've only got one shot at this thing called life. Do your best to find the good in in it and replicate that good as much as you can.

Tiffany Yarde, CEO, Business Development Instructor, and Wine Specialist


“Business can be a great equalizer if properly executed. Tiffany found her equalizer, wine, and it has allowed her to greatly broaden her horizons. She learned early on that having an expert knowledge of wine is her great equalizer. 


She shares not only her motivation, experience and results but gives the reader the tools to duplicate her success. Her mixing of teaching about wine coupled with professional relationship management will help any person entering the work force, or looking to advance, a measured hand up. The book has nice flow and her writing is clear and compelling."

Bill Rader / Forbes Columnist and author of The Venn Effect

"You can use a hobby to further your professional life! What I love most about this is that you not only provide personal examples and tons of tips and suggestions to make it work for everyone, but you make it [easy to comprehend] simple."

Book Critic 

"Fantastic book, with great insights on succeeding in the workplace and full of fresh thoughts on wine. The stories Ms. Yarde told were interesting and provided a great way to feel a connection throughout the book. If this book was a glass of wine, I would ask for a refill."

Amazon Reader

"Great read! I use the word "Business" in quotes above because this is so much more than a book about how to succeed in business and networking. I am glad to have a concise reference primer on wine (something I should have learned long ago). The practical and thoughtful advice on moving up in a corporate, professional services environment is helpful and relevant to me and my family members." 

Amazon Reader

"This book provides actionable advice on advancing your career. To keep it light and interesting, Tiffany incorporates foundational wine knowledge that is interesting and helpful. Great advice and inspiring to learn about wine."

Amazon Reader


Download Extras From My Book!

After muscling through another riveting chapter, download your free copy of the excel-based relationship tracking tool.


Tasting Table

Download Extras From My Book!

Taste wine like a pro. This chart helps you remember your favorite aspects of the wine you drank last night!



Download Extras From My Book!

Need more space to journal your thoughts after every "contemplate this" segment in the book? Here you go!